CIT Channels

CIT Channels  are inspired by the pioneering work of J.M Hurst, and provide a powerful visual aid for defining the trend and determining the trading range with high accuracy and confidence for the following day, week, month, etc. (depending on the time period you’re viewing). In addition, CIT Channels allow you to determine the risk profile of your next trade.

CIT Channels come bundled with the CIT Oscillator.

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CIT Angles

The CIT Angles indicator solves the age old problem of finding the correct angle rise (step) for a given price level, adjusted for volatility. The advantage of angles over other indicators is that with a properly drawn angle one can immediately tell what the expected price target and range is for a given future time period, whether a price swing is likely to continue or about to end, and if there is already a trend in place, whether the trend is strong or weakening.


Angles and their application to trading are usually associated with the legendary W.D. Gann who first wrote about them some 70+ years ago. The CIT Angles are inspired by his pioneering work and strive to automate and perfect this tool for the 21st century trader.

CIT Angles automatically calculate the correct step (price incremental increase/decrease for drawing the angles), and display 1 x 1, or 45 degree angles, from swing highs and swing lows.  The 1 x 1 angle, is drawn by default because it shows where price and time are in balance. 

CIT Angles come bundled with the CIT Time indicator.

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CIT Cycles

CIT Cycles makes it possible to map future cycle turns.

The green line detects cycles based on price troughs, while the red line detects cycles based on price peaks.

CIT Cycles come bundled with the CIT Cloud and CIT Waves indicator

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